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MEET the Team


Noel Poff

Advanced Rolfer & Movement Coach

Noel has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years.  He started as a teenager helping members pursue their fitness goals while working both at a gym and martial arts studio.  His experience includes personal training, massage therapy, yoga teacher training, yoga therapy, Rolfing, and other movement practices. He is currently pursuing a certification in Somatic Experiencing.  Read more about all of Noel's education, skills, and experience.

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Professional Acrobat and Flexibility Coach

Maddie started her movement journey as a child in traditional dance styles.  Her skills and expertise have evolved since then to include a wide array of movement modalities which she both coaches and trains.  These include aerial fitness, partner acrobatics, hand-balancing, pole classes, flexibility training, and dance choreography. 

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Brian hoke

Thai Massage Therapist and Mobility Coach

Brian has been serving the Charleston community as a licensed massage therapist specializing in Thai massage for many years.  His skills include assisted stretching, corrective exercise, functional fitness, and helping people enjoy pain free movement. He currently runs his Thai Massage practice Mandala Massage in addition to training at the House for Wellness. 


Are you a trainer, coach, therapist, instructor, teacher, or healer with an appreciation for holistic health and passion for movement?  Love to learn from others and enjoy the process of growth? Then please don't hesitate to reach out.  Would love to learn more about you and how you may serve our members and visitors.  The House for Wellness is currently looking to add new members to the team who can help with its services.  Please send a cover letter with a professional resume to Noel at  Thank you!


CHEK Practitioner and Integrative Holistic Health Coach

Nick loves to know why and does so through a thorough assessment process getting to the root causes of dysfunction and pain.  His specialties include corrective exercise, functional fitness, nutritional coaching, and lifestyle support catering to a range of individuals dealing with a variety of limitations.  From football to bodybuilding to the integrative mobility practice Nick practices today he comes with years of experience transforming bodies and movement.  Nick teaches mobility and strength training classes.  He is also available for one on one training through his practice, Holistic Movement.

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