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Hi, I'm Noel! My wellness career started in high school working at the Beaufort YMCA as a fitness attendant.  While there I learned the basics of running a health center. This included duties such as maintaining a friendly training environment while attending to the needs of visitors.  Soon after graduating I traveled down the potential career path of physical therapy by first becoming a personal trainer in 2005 and then a licensed massage therapist in 2007.  When I started getting to work with clients as a massage therapist I lost interest in becoming a physical therapist.  I found the immediate feedback from soft tissue releasing by the work of my hands to be very satisfying.  The experiences of my clients were also very rewarding to witness.  Every so often however I got the sense that I wasn't able to help my clients with deeper issues and I wasn't trained enough to even touch upon other influential factors such as mental health.  Knowing that the mind played a vital role for living a rich life I decided to study philosophy instead of exercise science.  I realized I the mind-centered approach wasn't the answer for me either.  I left my academic studies in philosophy after a year in a masters program feeling completely in my head and completely disembodied. 


I knew I had to regain my physical self which was too important for me to not include in my overall practice of living well.  It was at this time I began taking yoga more seriously as it seemed to combine both mind and body into one practice.  After completing my first yoga teacher training in 2013 I still felt something was missing.  I was at my wit's end feeling unable to find something that truly blended mind, body, and spirit.  I had no idea where I was going to take my health and wellness career.  It was then that I learned about Rolfing.  After the experience witnessing my own physical and mental transformation from my first 10 Series I knew I had to move to Boulder, Colorado in order to learn more about Structural Integration.  In 2016 I dove headfirst into an independent practice after becoming a Certified Rolfer from The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.  This practice gave me the space and freedom to utilize a wide variety of skills and experience I acquired from studying many different ways of promoting health and performance.  As my practice became more adaptable I began to truly appreciate the holistic effects of what I do.  This awareness continues to lead me towards further training and education around the human being.












With each year that passes, and each person I help, there is palpable change in both my visitors as well as myself.   My purpose is to help continue sharing the benefits of structural integration and movement based therapies.  I believe this requires being always open to shifting my own perspective on how to help support optimal movement, radiant health, and purpose driven lives.

- Noel L. Poff


The House for WEllness

The House for Wellness is inspired by a desire to bring all of the best components of different healing modalities under one roof so that guests have as many resources as they need in order to regain, achieve, and maintain optimal health.  The modalities here specialize in pain management through practices that promote healthier movement and mobility.  Regardless of symptoms, limitations, or illnesses there is always one common thread among negative experiences. They prevent us from moving in the ways that we want.  Movement limitations are often the most damaging to our sense of well-being because they keep us from moving forward and enjoying the things we want to do. 

The practices that built the House for Wellness all also share the common thread in that they all promote healthier movement and mobility, both inside and out.  Seeing that just one method doesn't work for everybody we wanted to create more of a multifaceted experience for its guests.  Everyone learns there's no magic pill or method that will solve all of our problems.  What we end up learning is what an intelligent combination of services can do for promoting our quality of life.  Here we aim to be just that, one large part of your recipe for healthier living.


Are you a trainer, coach, therapist, instructor, teacher, or healer with an appreciation for holistic health and passion for movement?  Love to learn from others and enjoy the process of growth? Then please don't hesitate to reach out.  Would love to learn more about you and how you may serve our members and visitors.  The House for Wellness is currently looking to add new members to the team who can help with its services.



Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling, Webster University, St. Louis, MO, 2023-2026 (in progress)

Rolfing Structural Integration®, 600 Hour Accelerated Foundations Program, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in Boulder, CO, 2016


​Advanced Rolfing: Structural Integration Program in Charleston, WV, 2018-2019

Rolf Movement Certification Program, Holderness, NH, 2017-2020


​Massage Therapy 750 Hour Certification Program, Technical College of the Lowcountry in Bluffton, SC, 2007​

250 Hours of Hands-On Human Dissection, Integral Anatomy, 2017-2023


Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy, University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, 2009

Certified Yoga Instructor, 200 Hour Teacher Training, Charleston Power Yoga, 2013

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, 300 Hour Teacher Training Bridge, Soul Yoga + Wellness, 2019

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, 600 Hour Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, 2020

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, 900 Hour C-IAYT, 2021

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA, 2010

Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA, ACSM, NASM, 2005

Black Belt in Zanshindo, Beaufort Martial Arts Academy, Beaufort, SC, 2006 ​

Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Beaufort, SC 2007 


150+ hours of volunteering/shadowing at physical therapy clinics including Roper St. Francis Hospital, Carolina Sportscare, Southeastern Spine Institute, and the Rehabilitation Centers of Charleston.


 Ever dedicated to attending and completing continuing education courses in Rolfing; SI,  Rolf Movement,    anatomy, Thai-massage,  shoulder rehab, ethics, sports massage, neuromuscular/trigger point therapy, kettlebell training, bodyweight training, core training, suspension training, and more. 

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