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Structural Integration

Rolfing is a practice that utilizes fascial manipulation and movement education techniques to promote a more natural flow of movement and a healthier relationship with gravity.


What is Rolfing?

Structural Integration was given the nickname "Rolfing" in response to the successful work of its creator Dr. Ida P. Rolf.  Rolfing utilizes a variety of hands-on and perceptual interventions directed towards improving an individual's posture and relationship to gravity.  In involves a systematically direct and indirect application of pressure to the body's fascial web which surrounds muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments.  It also involves movement education intended to help someone further break out of patterns of restriction in daily activities.  Due to its holistic approach Rolf sessions cover a lot of territory in order to get to the issues in the tissues and many sessions are organized into a series of ten separate sessions, commonly referred to as "The Ten Series".  This approach helps reorganize, realign, and reintegrate the body so that it will be able to move with minimal pain and optimal efficiency.  

How have people benefited from Rolfing?

  •  Improved posture and alignment​

  •  Improved movement efficiency ​

  •  Improved athletic performance​

  •  Improved balance and coordination​

  •  Increased bodily awareness and educatio​n

  •  Reduced symptoms of chronic aches and pains​

  •  Increased embodiment of self ​

  •  Increased awareness and presence​

  •  Improved sense of well-being

Want to learn more about Rolfing?  Check out these helpful links and articles below.  Still have questions about what to expect from a session?  Visit the FAQ page.


Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Fascial Research Congress

International Association of Structural Integrators


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