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Interested in what others have had to say?  Please scroll below to see feedback from Rolfing sessions, personal training sessions, stretch therapy classes, and more.

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If you're looking for an experienced and passionate Rolfing practitioner, look no further than Noel. As a long-time client, I can confidently say that Noel stands in a league of his own regarding his deep knowledge and intuitive understanding of the human body.

In our sessions, Noel isn't just going through the motions - he's fully engaged and invested in analyzing the health and alignment of your muscles to determine your ideal treatment plan. In his easy-to-understand way, he walks you through how the body functions and how Rolfing can help.

In addition to Noel's technical expertise, he possesses a genuine concern for his client's physical and mental well-being. Since working with Noel, I've experienced substantial improvements in my posture, flexibility, and range of motion.

Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with Noel if you are considering Rolfing. You won't regret it. His skill, knowledge, and care for his clients are second to none. I highly recommend him.

Abbey K.


I started with Noel and Rolfing sessions a few months back. I realized such an improvement in overall posture and chronic back issues after three sessions; I continued with the upper and lower body mobility and stretching classes. They were excellent!
I experienced a shoulder/upper arm incident with overhead lifts using dumbbells in June. It was totally my fault - I was lifting too much weight! I also waited too long to see Noel! In the past two weeks (2 Rolfing sessions), the improvement has been amazing. I will continue with the stretching and exercises he recommended. I will also be starting back up with my Rolfing sessions very soon!
And by the way, I am 72 and never too old to learn a better way!!

Ellen Frische


I was looking for somewhere to learn Calisthenics and this was the first and ONLY place in all of Charleston that came up. I was so excited to try it out and that I finally found somewhere to learn. Noel is extremely good at what he does. He is very professional, super kind, and is very educated on all the exercises and practices to help better yourself. He is very passionate about what he does and that makes him an amazing teacher. I have learned more in the 4 months I have been going to class here than in all my years of trying any kind of workout or exercise. This is also the only kind of exercise that has stuck with me so that says a lot about how awesome his teaching is! If you are looking for someone that is knowledgeable but also patient and just cool to be around to learn from, definitely go here. I can't recommend it enough!

Melinda Kurhan


House for Wellness and specifically Noel have helped me tremendously. Noel is a real expert and his work produces results. I began seeing him regularly and not only is my quality of life better, but my athletic performance is significantly improved.

Hank Smith, Golf Pro


I've had trouble with my ankles being locked up since breaking my foot four years ago. Noel did an amazing job releasing my feet, ankles, knees and hips. I felt better than I have in a long time after my session.

Olivia Trochesset, Air Force


Noel does amazing work and is well educated and intune with body mechanics. If your looking to solve those stubborn aches and pains, consider the House for Wellness.

JC, Registered Nurse


Really incredible. Professional & knowledgeable. Looking forward to my next appointment

Derek Riggs


Noel is a very talented practitioner, he has a lot of knowledge and experience working with the body. I've had great results and less pain after just a few sessions with him. Highly recommend working with him!

Katie Edwards, Katie Edwards Bodywork


I’ve been attending Noel’s small group training for a year His classes are excellent: just the right amount of challenges with a good combination of strength, flexibility and stretching. He tailors the class to the participants and offers modifications when appropriate. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Claire Fund


Noel is an incredible Rolfer & instructor. He is an even better person who gives his all to serve & help others.

Bill Horton


Noel’s House For Wellness is the best kept secret in CHS!!!! The small class sizes are great for that nearly “one on one” experience. This place is full of fun tools and props. Balls, sticks, rollers, bands, ladders, etc etc etc. Keeps things interesting and engaging. Every class is targeted (handstands, middle splits, pikes and front splits, shoulders, backbends etc) so you can mix and match whatever you’re working on. Wish I could bring this place with me when I move. The highest of quality for those working on mobility.

Carly Yamrus


Noel is very knowledgeable and effective. Both my husband and I have had more longer-lasting relief from chronic issues in just a few sessions with him than from 6+ months of chiropractic and other modalities. The improvement after only ONE session was amazing! Highly recommend!

Pamela Cisneros, Artist


Noel is a master at his trade! Never seen someone so passionate about his work - and helping others. I have gotten so much out of training with him over the years. He really knows how to fix injuries, as well as how to prevent them. The classes are also great! I am very fortunate to have come in contact with Noel and House for Wellness!

Rick Horger, Realtor for Corcoran Properties


The classes here have been a complete game changer for my fitness goals. Noel’s coaching style is phenomenal, not only does he have the knowledge but is also very patient and has the rare gift of being able teach in a way that makes progress fun. Additionally, the classes always scale to my ability level (and energy level) and provide the challenge I need for that day. If you are thinking of working toward strength, flexibility, health, you owe it to yourself to stop in and give House for Wellness a try.

Charles Barker, Photographer


Noel is the best, hands down! Being worked on by someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about what they do is what sets him apart. He can actually walk you through why your muscles feel the way they do. One visit with Noel will answer will answer any questions you may have and your body will thank you!! The better you feel and move, the better you are mentally and physically. Noel can get you there!

Rocky Nettles, Owner Fresh Haven Contractors


Noel is an extremely knowledgeable, intuitive and gifted therapist. He is always pushing himself towards career expansion and has helped me with several sports-related injuries that other therapists couldn’t pinpoint. Highly recommend!

Tamara Fitzner, Owner Skin Shaman Skin Care



Noel has a well thought our approach to the Rolfing craft.  He definitely put in the hard work and time.  After one sessions with Noel I can breathe a lot better than before, my aches and pains have diminished. It wasn't just my posture that benefitted from the session but my function, painful areas, and my awareness as well.  Thanks Noel!

Sean Cottle, Licensed Massage Therapist & Rolfing Student


I have been working with Noel for the last six months. He has been providing a personalized exercise and stretching program at my home which has substantially improved my strength and flexibility. Noel is extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to personal needs and limitations. He has helped me enormously. His new fitness studio is a wonderful facility. I highly recommend Noel. Motion is Lotion!

Bob Sywolski, Operating Partner JMI Equity

I suffered from back pain for many years and after completing my 10 series Rolfing sessions with Noel I feel so much better. He took the time to see how I move, sit, stand, and even looked at what I was doing for a living and how it has been effecting my body on a daily basis. He is incredible. So now anytime my body feels like it needs some quick TLC... I know the person to call!


Ericka King, Registered Nurse

Noel is out of this world awesome. I’ve been working with him for almost 2 years now (known him for longer and should’ve started earlier!!). As a 51 year old who is learning how to live with arthritis in my feet and knees, I don’t know how I managed before Noel was helping me. His knowledge of the body is sometimes astounding but never intimidating. That’s a hard balance to achieve. Noel has helped me learn how to do basic, daily movements in ways that help my body rather than harm it. From the way I stand up from and sit down in a chair, how I get out of bed (log roll!), how I walk…Noel has given me tools to help. Rolfing, massage, workout routines to strengthen the leg muscles to help my knees, stretches that target problem areas….you name it, he’s been able to guide me and work as a partner. Watch Noel’s videos: they are evidence of years of hard work, study, practice, and commitment. I recommend Noel and his services wholeheartedly and without hesitation. The bonus? He’s a great guy, and his sense of humor is on point.

Jody Graham, Former District Team Leader

I've had trouble with my ankles being locked up since breaking my foot four years ago. Noel did an amazing job releasing my feet, ankles, knees and hips. I felt better than I have in a long time after my session.

Olivia Trochesset, Retired Air Force

I've been a student of Noel's for about two years, and taking one-on-one yoga classes with him for the last 14 months, primarily in my own home, or in his workspace. Noel is an amazing teacher and a great educator. He has an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge, great sense of calm, and will customize your routine to whatever you want/need. With Noel I've been focusing on my yoga routine, deep stretching, and even weight training. He has developed many programs/routines for me which are customized to my exact goals. Noel is a special expert in postural alignment and pays attention to form - which is perfect for me, because that is what I wanted to work on and why I decided to go with Noel. Just check out Noel's posture - it's impeccable. I wanted to improve my back alignment while standing and foot positioning while walking - which he has helped me tremendously improve in these areas. Noel can help identify areas for improvement and will focus on them like a laser. His rates are the standard rates in Charleston for personal yoga sessions, and to me it is absolutely worth it. I see Noel as a supplement to my regular yoga practice and workouts. I recommend him for anyone who wants to seek improvements in their sport. I meet with Noel every 1-2 weeks. Folks looking for an incredible personal trainer or yoga instructor who will cater to your exact needs should seek out Noel. 5 stars!!!

Matthew Engel, Patent Agent/Law Student

I contacted Noel because I felt I needed help to get my physicality to the next level. He has not disappointed. I am in my 2nd year with Noel and after every session, I am grateful for the time I spent with him. This is not simple body work, but Rolfing and it is sometimes uncomfortable. But Noel really cares about his clients. His work space is clean and organized, reflecting his approach. And he continues to improve on his craft, attending workshops and acquiring new skills. Altogether a very impressive and reasonably-priced service.

Seth Levy, Attorney

Currently, I am recovering from a dislocated shoulder that caused trauma in my neck and shoulder area. Noel has developed a plan for strengthening my injury, as well as my core strength in general. I am very pleased with the comprehensive series of movements that he has put together for me. It has increased my confidence in my healing process. I am grateful to have this level of support from Noel.

Laura Ike, School Teacher/Breema Practitioner

Before having sessions with Noel I had never experienced Rolfing before. Now I've had several sessions and it's always great, never too intense, I always leave feeling refreshed, healthier and happy with better posture. It always feels like a lot gets done too, in a little over an hour's time so I highly recommend.

Judd Stephens, Licensed Massage Therapist

Most of what I liked was the way my body gained mobility and Noel's wonderful skills and personality. This experience has been a wonderful experience.

Diane, Occupational Therapist

This experience far exceeded my expectations.  Noel was very professional and knowledgeable.  I have been a fan of Rolfing for years but I had no idea how valuable is would be as part of brain injury healing.

Deb Matlock, Owner of Wild Rhythms, Environmental Education 

Noel provided me with weekly Rolfing sessions.  He always starts with a quick assessment and plans the session.  I am amazed at how he takes my comments and works them into a beneficial therapy.  I would recommend Rolfing to anyone who is serious about staying flexible and functional.

Ann Foneville, Registered Nurse

I was expecting a guided meditation and I was not disappointed at all.  The intake was thorough, the therapist setting was a professional yet comfortable one.  Noel made appropriate adjusting when physical discomfort arose.  I hope to work with him again.

Mahala Eden Fonvielle, Licensed Massage Therapist/Musician

The pain in my sciatica has subsided 95%!! While I’m sore from the pressure (expected), I am amazed and delighted.  I will definitely be returning and telling my friends.

Jill Paris, Charleston Tour Guide

I saw Noel to address pain and lack of mobility in my shoulder/upper back that I'd been living with for almost a decade. I could not lift anything heavier than a few pounds above shoulder height without pain.

After the first session, I had a noticeable reduction in pain and a significant increase in mobility in my shoulder. As the 10 series progressed and my shoulder continued improving, I began to realize how much tension I was holding in other areas of my body. Each session unlocked some of the tension and allowed me to better perceive the postural habits I had that were contributing to that tension. My flexibility increased incredibly quickly and I was able to comfortably touch my toes for the first time ever after just a few sessions.

The whole experience completely changed my relationship with movement and exercise. I've regained almost all of the mobility in my shoulder and the pain is gone.

Noel is knowledgeable and very willing to answer any questions you may have along the way. It was a pleasure working with him and I'm very grateful for the work he does.

Carlton Bennett, Computer Engineer

Noel was so gentle, knowledgeable.  The music was perfect.  I came out feeling exactly what I went in looking for; bodywork that I can take with me that does NOT include a chiropractor or massage.

Michelle, Class Attendee


The way you teach is on point!  I enjoyed the class and the material.  I've already started incorporating it into my sessions.  Thank you!

Megan Green, Licensed Massage Therapist/Workshop Attendee

I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  It's the first course I've taken where I was able to stay engaged with the teacher and take notes. I felt very comfortable with the atmosphere and I felt comfortable to express myself and ask questions.  The information I learned has inspired me to change things up with my Pilates practice and to further my education.  Noel is a very knowledgeable instructor without any pretense or ego.  He truly wants you to learn and encourages you to engage and ask questions.

Ashley Hayes, Owner of Pilates of Forest Acres/Workshop Attendee

Biggest gain I feel was being reminded/shown how important and beneficial patience is.

Amy Fletcher, Licensed Massage Therapist

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