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Movement Therapy

The House for Wellness recognizes that healthy movement practices are a necessity for a long and vibrant life.  "Move With Intention" is our motto here and we help by providing uniquely powerful movement based therapies.

Dance Class
Dancing Hands Touching
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Modern Dancer
Yoga Class

Form and Function

Dr. Rolf once wrote "form and function are two sides of the same coin" and for good reason.  Your body moves.  It is not a stagnant picture in an anatomy book and through moving it builds its structure.  If you have a physical and/or emotional pain or limitation, addressing it without incorporating some type of movement is overlooking a powerful tool for creating positive change.  With some support and guidance we may just be able to unlock the healing potential within our own bodies. 

Here are a few ways we incorporate movement practices at the House for Wellness:

Rolf Movement Integration

Yoga Therapy

Stretch Therapy

Based on what you feel suits your needs the best we adjust the approach accordingly.

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