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Recovery Corner

There's a lot to say for having the right tool for the job and the House for Wellness offers quite the collection of self-care tools.  Visit us and enjoy a restorative recovery session as part of your comprehensive wellness program or simply to help you reset after a stressful day.

Foam Rolling

Reset Your Body

The House for Wellness offers a wide range of recovery tools and with highly informed guidance on self-care for managing pain and/or improving performance.  With personalized support you have access to such tools as massage guns, massage rollers, heating pads, cooling devices, massage cups, and electronic stimulation therapy.  Soon we'll be offering red light and compression therapies as well. 

With all of these tools and expertise you'll be able to follow a recovery program tailored just for your needs.  You may also have the option to come in and utilize the recovery corner when needed at your convenience when it is available. 

Tools include:




Wave Rollers

Power Dot E-Stim

Noise Cancelling Headphones for Brain Wave Meditations

The benefits of these tools are numerous.  You may read more about each of them by clicking on the links to download a guide. 

The Recovery Corner is a complimentary amenity to members and visitors who are receiving additional services.  You have the option of utilizing the space and tools prior to or after your session.  Reservations of the recovery corner outside of appointment/class times may be made separately for 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.  Please see the Booking page for scheduling a visit. 

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