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Take your physical practice to the next level with personalized yoga instruction or

promote life changes and transformations with one on one yoga therapy.

As a Sanskrit word yoga means "to yoke" or "to unite".  What is united in yoga are the different elements of experience that make up who we are including our minds, our bodies, and most importantly our spirits.  Even seen as a solely physical practice yoga has proven to have dramatic effects on all aspects of our health and function, including promoting a healthier mindset.  There are no techniques or postures exclusive to yoga and literally everyone can find a way to incorporate some yoga into their lives.  Find ways that work for your life is one of the goals for the House for Wellness. 

For the more physically oriented practitioner looking to deepen their knowledge, understanding, and awareness of the body while in postures we have one on one yoga instruction.  With this service you'll be guided through a sequence of postures and exercises tailored just for your body and your goals.  Enjoy opportunities for deeper assists, deeper inquiries, and deeper reflections while working with the support of an instructor.

For those looking for a form of therapy that recognizes one's own body as the most powerful medium for change then come for a yoga therapy session from a certified yoga therapist.  These sessions include both movement and talk therapies in an effort to explore ways help you transform your life and support you in making changes you want and/or adapting to changes that you don't want.  Worried about changes in your life? Experiencing more stress than usual? Having chronic pain that feels more than structural?  All of these are appropriate questions to bring into a yoga therapy session.  A yoga therapist will guide you through movements while inviting dialogue over sensations in the body that are tied in with something deeper in your self.  The therapist will then support you in gleaning some wisdom from awareness that came about during the session and creating action steps in order to apply this new wisdom to your life. 

One on One Services Offered:

Yoga Therapy - Want to unwind and let someone else stretch you out?  This may be the session for you which is a balance between training and resting. Be taken through a series of challenging stretches while you are supported and encouraged to relax.  Half-hour and full hour sessions available.

Private Yoga Instruction - Is your current program overlooking the weak links in your movement?  Then why not give your full focus and attention to overcoming those limiting factors in order to experience a greater level of sustainability in your ability to perform at your best. Half-hour and full hour session available. 

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