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Discover training that's right for you and  learn how to use your body while emphasizing form, focus, and fun.  Specialties include flexibility and mobility training, yoga instruction and yoga therapy, corrective exercise, and functional fitness.

Forms of movement practices have been around since human beings can remember and ancient traditions across the globe have had widespread influence on bodywork modalities aimed at improving health and wellness.  Even Dr. Rolf herself found some inspiration for her system of soft tissue manipulation through yoga based movements and principles.  The mindfulness, coordination, and confidence achieved through such practices are complimentary to the work of structural integration. This is why Shift Rolfing aims to offer the following ways to assist you in reaching your movement goals.

Mobility training and fitness coaching are two specialties at Shift.  Regardless of your fitness goals, whether it is weight loss or performance enhancement, the common thread among everyone is that we want to move better.  Moving better is not often as simple as practicing challenging moves.  It may involve a more thorough look at what's keeping you from moving well and these limitations are addressed in mobility sessions.  Both one-on-one stretch therapy sessions and mobility classes are offered at Shift Rolfing and Wellness.

For those seeking a more traditional approach we also have you covered with one-on-one personal training sessions and yoga classes that both will build your overall strength and flexibility.  Developing both of these qualities to their optimum range will go to serve you a long way.  Please see the booking page for our one on one services and take a peek at the "Classes" page to learn how you can benefit from the variety of small group classes offered at Shift.  

One on One Services Offered:

Stretch Therapy - Want to unwind and let someone else stretch you out?  This may be the session for you which is a balance between training and resting. Be taken through a series of challenging stretches while you are supported and encouraged to relax.  Half-hour and full hour sessions available.

Mobility Training - Is your current program overlooking the weak links in your movement?  Then why not give your full focus and attention to overcoming those limiting factors in order to experience a greater level of sustainability in your ability to perform at your best. Half-hour and full hour session available. 

Personal Training - Enjoy the benefits of having a coach program a fitness routine for you, guide you through workouts, give feedback, track progress, and hold you accountable towards reaching your fitness goals.  Four, Eight, and Twelve session packages available.

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