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Integrative Stretching Curriculum

The goal of Integrative Stretching is to provide any movement and bodywork professionals with a specialized set of skills and techniques geared towards improving the movement of their clients through assisted stretching and soft-tissue manipulation techniques. 

Many stretch certification programs are limited in content, creativity, and time practicing.  In this program you'll learn more than just fascial release, PNF, or AIS.  You'll learn principles and skills that will enable you to adapt your approach to anyone, in any setting, and for many different goals.  You'll be encouraged through the module based system to continue your learning and education even after you earn your certification.  The learning doesn't end with this program.  That's why we also include study groups for those who've completed this program and people with advanced stretch therapy practices.  You are encouraged to learn more from other stretch methods and coaches as there is always new something to learn about stretching.

This comprehensive curriculum ensures you'll be given enough of a base to start your own assisted stretching practice or easily integrate it into your current work with clients who are looking to improve their health and fitness.  

Outline of Modules

Module 1: Principles and Methods; Breath and Balance

Module 2: Upper and Lower Body

Module 3: Advanced Assessment and Integration Skills

Module 4: Advanced Flexibility Training

Module 5: Integrative Stretching for Strength and Conditioning 

Module 6: Study Group (option for those who complete Modules 1 through 4)

Image by S Migaj

Module 1

Principles and Methods; Breath and Balance

2 Days - 14 CEs


Learn principles and methods that'll guide your work towards success with stretching clients.  

Begin to apply those principles to our primary means of stabilization, breath and balance. From stability comes mobility.

Image by Carlos Henrique

Module 2

Upper and Lower Body
2 Days - 14 CEs

Learn a wider range of techniques in order to address any area of limitation from head to toe.

Ideal course for those looking for more tools to add to their toolbox.

Image by Ana Dujmovic
Image by Joyce McCown

Module 3

Advanced Assessment and Integration Skills

3 Days - 21 CEs


Having trouble determining where to start a session?  Don't know when to finish or where to go next? Want help designing sessions, classes, and/or programs? 


Then this module is for you as we explore more advanced assessment techniques.  Integrative activities help us bring our sessions to closure and so they'll also be explored.


Module 4

Advanced Flexibility Training
3 Days 

Take your own stretch practice and understanding to a higher level through this course.  Be prepared to work up a sweat learning, assisting, and practicing advanced stretch techniques.


Module 5

Integrative Stretching for Strength and Conditioning

5 Days - 1.9CEs NASM


Want to be a more valued resource for your clients's health and fitness regime?  Then learn how to take what you do with your clients into the training environment and coach better movement habits.

Review how to use assisted stretching, recovery tools, and training equipment to help your clients move their best at the gym or on the field.

Ideal course for trainers looking to improve their assisted stretching skills.


study Group

5 Days 


Can't stretch enough?  Then join us for a study group for all stretch enthusiasts.  Workshop around issues that come up during your practice with like-minded practitioners while improving  your own mobility and teaching skills.  


Module 2:

Columbia, SC

October 8th-9th, 2022

SC AMTA Fall Education Event

Module 3:

Authentic Coaching and Reiki Center for Healing

Charleston, SC

July 29th - 31st, 2022

Module 4:



(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

9:00am - 4:00pm every day

Module 5:


November (Monday through Friday

9:00am - 4:00pm, Friday til 3:00pm)

Module 6:


May 2022, January 2023 

(Monday through Friday

9:00am - 4:00pm, Friday til 3:00pm)

Join the Journey

Want to learn more about the program and how to register? Then please send a message. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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